Friday, April 03, 2009

angry dj spits venom

i've been reading the ttl blog lately, a lot of it is random ish i don't care for - bizarrely a lot about ronaldo and park ji-sung - but they've a great interview with us dj rocktacon. i can never find a myspaz for this dude, but he made this your bmore track which allegedly invented bmore. apparently. he has a new cd and a new money studies rekkid with eli and so he's venting his anger at ttl. entertaining and informative to say the least. check it out here.

Oh ASIA like I did Hong Kong and Taiwan... there you go, Americanized Asia the fucking PITS. WORST SHIT EVER. Feeling like a total failure at life traveling the world as a American dj and they want the worst fucking music ever and your just sitting up their praying some ones pulls the pug, When i djed in Hong Kong it fucking sucked so much dick, I was awful and I didn't give a fuck, I got kicked off by some English ex pat with his name on his laptop in diamonds, I couldn't have been more happy to run into a hating ass local dj... I went back to my room jacked off and finished reading Atonement... Japan was amazing and the Filipinos was really fun to, but that China shit worst ever...

meanwhile eli posted a stevie nicks remix from said money studies wax on his blog, so have a gander thataway.

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