Thursday, February 15, 2007

news? anyone?

this time there's a reason i haven't posted in a while.

the only cds i've bought are ben gibbard and andrew kenny's home ep, hardly new by anyone's standards, and led zeppelin II. hmmm. i've been to one gig, ratatat in whelan's, and that was a disappointment in itself. having listened to most of their self-titled album, i didn't really know what to expect from a live setup, but the gig seemed a little dull, with nothing special about the performance. minimal chatter between songs saw the group coming off as aloof if not plain rude, although the crowd was full of snap-happy photographers, so one can only have felt sympathy for the bassist, continually trapped by the blinding flash. apparently they will be returning to dublin in april, so maybe by then they'll have worked on their interactive skills. and maybe they'll play for a little bit longer - the gig was fifty minutes at most.

on tuesday night, after some interestingly intriguing films from du filmmakers, myself and dj forde played the trinity arts festival i want to score night. don't have a tracklisting, and it wasn't an ableton set so i didn't record it, but we played the following, and many more: les rhythmes digitales - music makes you lose control, daft punk - crescendolls, gossip - standing in the way of control, diplo - gold cassie, justin timberlake - my love, mark mccabe - maniac (shudder), lcd soundsystem - beat connection, basement jaxx - where's your head at, beastie boys - intergalactic, nelly furtado - promiscuous, new order - blue monday, spank rock - bump, apathy - it takes a seven nation army to hold us back, arcade fire - rebellion (lies), kate bush - running up that hill, scissor sisters - i don't feel like dancing, le tigre - deceptacon, outkast - hey ya. not all in that order, and there was a lot more, and i can't be sure of all the stuff fordey played, but i can't think of it all right now. pretty certain i played modest mouse's float on but i can't remember when or with what. maybe next time i'll right it down...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

well this is good to hear. this is the first time i've actually posted any news here, but i think is worth saying. i was shocked and upset to read about mr lif's tour bus crash back at the end of 2006, so it's great to see that the def jux man is back on the road. to quote pitchfork...

Mr. Lif is alive, in one piece, and recovered enough from December's tour bus accident to welcome the newest member of the Def Jux family last week and now to hit the road again. The MC kicks things off tonight at Tallahassee's Club Downunder and will continue touring into mid-February, with a few scattered dates after that. We wish him a safe and uneventful tour.


01-31 Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder *
02-01 Gainesville, FL - Common Grounds *
02-02 Jacksonville, FL - Thee Imperial *
02-03 Orlando, FL - The Social *
02-05 Miami, FL - Studio A *
02-09 Buffalo, NY - Soundlab
02-10 Northampton, MA - Pearl Street Nightclub
02-15 Bronxville, NY - The Basement (Sarah Lawrence College)
03-10 Boston, MA - Paradise
04-21 Orono, ME - Soma36 #
04-27 Seattle, WA - Husky Union Building Auditorium (University of Washington)

* with the ABs
# with Paul Bosse