Friday, March 30, 2007

prog-rap-rock-funk fusion...

i don't know where to begin on this one. the fabric and fabriclive mix cds have worked their way up to the top of the mix cd foodchain, so i really shouldn't be surprised, but the latest offering, from spank rock, is simply delightful. normally with these cds i like them and impressed by their consistency, but every now and then one comes along that wows me with its excitement and brilliance. like diplo's mix. or even lavelle's (the first one i got - funny that, it was number one in the series...) this follows suit. tracks thrown in the mix just for a short time, bits thrown here and there, it features some of my favourite tracks and artists of recent times alongside some classic material. opening up with kurtis blow's the breaks is inspired, and putting technologic over switch's a bit patchy is just the kind of thing i like to do while djing myself. on paper some of the tracks might seem completely out of place - love on a real train for example - but the boys pull it off, and then some. seriously, anything featuring zongamin, uffie, bonde do role and simian mobile disco is worth whatever price is stamped on it. and closing with LTD's love to the world is like a big shout out to diplo, who opened his own fabric mix with an instrumental of the same track. i expect to be giving this mix some serious airtime as they weather gets better and the days get longer. you should too...

check out this sample, recently posted on fluxblog...

1 Intro
2 Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
3 CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix)
4 Mr Oizo - Nazis (Justice Mix)
5 Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
6 Yello - Bostich
7 Zongamin - Bongo Song
8 Kano - I'm Ready
9 Daft Punk - Technologic
10 Switch - A Bit Patchy
11 The Contours - Do You Love Me
12 Mylo - Drop The Pressure
13 Yes - Owner Of a Lonely Heart
14 Para One - Dudun Dun
15 Best Fwends - Myself (XXXChange Remix)
16 KW Griff - Good Man
17 Uffie - Hot Chick (Feadz Edit)
18 Metro Area - Orange Alert (DFA Remix)
19 Tangerine Dream - Love On a Real Train
20 Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
21 The Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep
22 Chicks On Speed - Wordy Rappinghood (The Playgroup Remix)
23 Bonde Do Role - MelĂ´ Do Tabacco (XXXChange Remix With The Ford Granada)
24 Miss Kittin And The Hacker - Stock Exchange
25 Rick Ross - Hustlin'
26 Hop Chip - Over And Over (Maurice Fulton Remix)
27 Gaz Nevada - I.C Love Affair
28 L.T.D - Love To The World
29 Outro

Thursday, March 29, 2007

hate tha'

it's hardly a surprise that i'm a regular pitchfork reader. anyway, i came across a typo today, and i'm hardly gonna let it slide :D

this is from the post:

So far, the only song that's available is the Snow Patrol one, which can be streamed below. "Vidicated" is so much better.


Monday, March 26, 2007

welcome to the church of what's happening now...

i'm getting a bit link-happy these days, why not i figure... anyway. this mix is from the end of january, when i did a set for trinity fm. it's all hip-hop, i figured i'd kick it off with nas' hip-hop is dead, then play some gems, old and new, which suggest he's kinda wrong. the levels are improved, but not perfect... and some tracks are a wee bit sped up. but not beyond recognition.

my hip-hop mix

nas - hip-hop is dead
coldcut - beats and pieces
saul williams - lalala
eric b & rakim - eric b is president
bdp - the bridge
cee-lo - i'll be around
nas - it ain't hard to tell
danger doom ft talib kweli - old school
dr octagon - i got to tell you
clipse - trill
cage - perfect world
spank rock - touch me
amerie - touch (a bruckner & sinden remix)
ghostface killah - winter warz
mantronix - king of the beats
main source - live at the bbq
edan - fumbling over words that rhyme
ugly duckling - dumb it down
the coup - shoyoass
eric b & rakim - paid in full (coldcut remix)
sam cooke - ain't that good news
blackalicious - alphabet aerobics

Sunday, March 25, 2007

interesting. very interesting.

i don't like the kaiser chiefs much. and i don't like lily allen much. but this works. i mean, it's mark ronson, and he's obviously cool (he hangs out with jay-z, proof therein)...

the covers album versions drops april 6th, and if this, and last year's just with alex greenwald is anything to go by, it should be a good one.

Mark Ronson ft Lily Allen - Oh My God

et justice pour toi...

i mentioned this before. i just love it so darn much.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

Friday, March 23, 2007

your reign on the top was short like leprechauns.

i know it's a few weeks after his anniversary, but i came across a nice retrospective mix today. i haven't listened to it all, but it's good stuff. imagine duets if it had been well executed... not trying to steal any shine here, so i'm just linking to the blog that came up with it. respect.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


back in november i was just starting out with ableton and what really spurred me on was my attempt to get a gig in rugby (hence the title). didn't get it (one of the guys who used to be in Tilt did, so i didn't feel too bad), but it didn't stop me from trying to learn all i could about the programme... anyway, the mix i initially sent in was kind of cringeworthy in spots, so i redid it, and i figured i might as well put it online.

yeah yeah yeahs - bang
franz ferdinand - the fallen (ruined by justice)
green velvet - no sex
tiga - pleasure from the bass
bonde do role - melo do tabaco
mstrkrft - neon knights
paul woolford - erotic discourse
modeselektor - dancing box
coldcut - just for the kick
diplo & mia - xr2 turbo
klaxons - magick (simian mobile disco remix)
the knife - heartbeats (rex the dog remix)
scissor sisters - i don't feel like dancing (erol alkan's carnival of light rework)
interpol - evil
the gossip - standing in the way of control (soulwax nite version)

it's not exactly a set of hot tracks (anymore), but it's a decent listen for a beginner i reckon.

*mix is now down, if anyone asks nicely i'll re-up.

Monday, March 12, 2007


i'm listening to daft punk, yet again. obviously august was a turning point, where i started listening to them a lot more than i had in a long time, but since early december i just can't get enough. the three albums, alive 1997, coachella, the essential selection, just recently a set from pressure at the arches (which i like slightly less, if only for the poor quality of its recording)... i'm thinking of going to the Rock Ness festival in june because i'm going to have to miss oxegen, due to a prior commitment. last year's show was that good. and considering i know people who saw them in at least two continents last year, scotland doesn't seem that far away!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


so yesterday marked 10 years since the death of Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious BIG. i was never too big a 2Pac fan, so hearing a radio show about his importance and influence last september irritated me a little bit. then reading an article (ok it was in the source, forgive me) about how a generation of kids in america are growing up not knowing who BIG was startled and terrified me. low bee is all about the biggie love though, and there's even a myspace tribute page up. this page has a few remixes, one of which even uses that sample diplo just put on his myspace, albeit with a little more subtlety.

The Frank White Collective - Live For The Funk (March 9 Remix)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

three in a week?

unheard of...

anyway, i just came across this on diplo's myspace. this whole b-more thing that's all over the hollerboards is probably beyond saturation point, but this track is nice - it takes the same riff as used in hi jack's hi jackin, originally used by james brown's backing band. damn my memory for not knowing their/its name(s). grr. anyway, check it out...

Diplo - Your Head

also, justice's DANCE is gonna change the world.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

ok i can't complain...

i managed to get a ticket to tonight's arcade fire show. and it was worth the two months of anguish and disappointment of not having a ticket - this unexpected lucky break really made my day, my week, my month, my year. at least until diplo plays another free show of course! i won't go into the specifics, suffice to say it was an incredible gig.

Monday, March 05, 2007


so right now all the lucky people in dublin are in the olympia, enjoying the thrill of an arcade fire show. jealousy isn't even the word. instead of being there, i'm sitting at home, waiting to watch the oc, which will no doubt feature some BAD cover, as has become traditional of late... i just found out today i could have acquired a ticket on saturday if a friend had known i needed one. devastated doesn't come close. oh well. it's only music right?

luckily, today i've found some great new music - new tracks from sebastiAn and wilco, remixes of MIA and bonde do role etc. all good. also, i'm entering some articles to the 3 student media awards, one of which is currently online here. although i'm having some difficulty deciding which others to pick - i need to submit three and i can't choose which one needs to go...

zaaaaaagh i don't really have much else to say but i've not been very good to this blog lately. or at all for that matter...

oh and here is a recent mix i did.