Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what i'm feeling

the bake sale, surkin, the future of analogue, primavera, holy f*ck, two two-day weeks in a row, ableton live, the uc-33...

life is good y'all...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

proper journalism like

finally got this thing finished.

Friday, May 09, 2008


so i interviewed a trak last sunday for analogue. and i've been so busy that i've only finished transcribing it tonight. and that's before adding any punctuation. man. plus in the background all i can here is this ace set from flosstradamus that i would love to have seen. but hey, i was chilling backstage with trizzy... it's the life we chose.

Monday, May 05, 2008

showing some love

this is long overdue, but i've added some more links down to side to the right there. these are some of my favourite blogs, they're both entertaining and enriching, with hilarious and enlightening anecdotes, and some seriously good quality tracks made available for download. they are as follows:

# Fools Gold - founded by a-trak and nick catchdubs, fools gold is all about eclecticism. peep the mission statement here.

# Fully Fitted - basically spank rock minus naeem, fully fitted is composed of Alexxxchange, Pasey Pase, Lord Darko, Chipset and Christopher Rockswell. their blog has some random thoughts as well as unreleased gems like the recently posted lily allen remix.

# Mad Decent - set up by diplo and home to acts such as bonde do rolĂȘ (who?!), dj blaqstarr, and south rakkas crew, this blog is regularly updated by paul devro, whose taste in music is as ethnocentric as diplo's. also available are sinden's kiss fm shows.

# Outside Broadcast - run by new york dj eli escobar, this is home to such posts as BEST SONG OF ALL TIME MONDAYS, RE-EDIT WEDNESDAYS and OLD SCHOOL R&B FRIDAYS. always worth a look.


how could i forget analogue?!