Sunday, January 27, 2008

let me see what you can do...

i've tried to adopt an aesthetic style with my writing, you know, use of italics and a lack of capital letters and whatnot, but i think i ignored that in the rush of trying to make sure i had another post up quick last week. oh well, i'm not going to change it now.

anyways. i got a turntable last week, so i can finally listen to all those 7" singles i've been collecting over the last year or so. like simian mobile disco's it's the beat, featuring the rather weird it's the eat. weird in a good way, of course...

Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Eat

Monday, January 21, 2008

i am ready, i am ready for a fall...

the new hot chip album is floating around the internetz. tis a good listen - hopefully it'll grow on me as much as the warning did. anyways, ready for the floor is ace. and the video is suitably mental...

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor

Monday, January 14, 2008

i have to say something...

trying to have at least one blog a week

this is a short one. ok so every other blog around has this too, most likely with a direct link or something, but whatever. the rejected justice fabric mix starts off well, but to be honest i'm glad it was rejected. it doesn't really seem club friendly at all, and even as a load of tracks that influenced the pair, it doesn't really make sense that they play them all for such a short duration. one of the alleged reasons that it was rejected was its short length - surely if they'd played some of the tracks even a little longer it would have been fleshed out enough? maybe i just have a different taste in music to xavier and gaspar...

01 Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race - Virgin
02 Rondo Veneziano - La Serenissima - Universal
03 Goblin - Tenebrae - Cinevox
04 Daft Punk - Ouverture - Virgin
05 Surkin - Next Of Kin - Institubes
06 SymbolOne - Love Juice - SymbolOne
07 Korgis - Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometimes - Angel Air
08 Midnight Juggernauts - Ending Of An Era - Mindight Juggernauts
09 The Paradise Ft Romauld - In Love With You - Vulture
10 Justice - TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY (Acapella) - Ed Banger
11 Chic - Everybody Dance - Atlantic
12 Frankie Valli - Who Loves You - Warners
13 Das Pop - Underground - Das Pop
14 Julien Clerc - Quand Je Joue - EMI
15 Daniel Balavoine - Vivre Ou Survivre - Barclay
16 Richard Sanderson - Reality - Barclay
17 Zoot Woman - Grey Day - Wall Of Sound
18 Fucking Champs - Thor Is Like Immortal - Drag City
19 The Rave - Mother - The Rave
20 Fancy - You Never Know - Fancy
21 Frank Stallone - Far From Over - Universal
22 Sheila - Misery - Warners
23 Todd Rundgren - International Feel - Warners

Justice - Xmas Mix

Sunday, January 06, 2008

and then there were more...

happy new year. or something. it's all a bit pointless really, a number changes, people party, people go back to work, life goes on. lists get made...

as usual, there were tracks that really helped last year become special, and of coruse i forgot all about them. now i pay tribute to those poor lost souls. i'm not going to post any tracks this time though. too lazy or smth.

upon first listen, Arcade Fire's Neon Bible wasn't that impressive. then i listened to it again and appreciated it a whole lot more. many months and three live performances later, and my opinion of the album has levelled out. it's obviously nowhere near the standard of Funeral, and some tracks are quite surprisingly dull. that said, it is not without its moments. (antichrist television blues) is the one that stands out most.

what with all the bog standard baltimore remixes and reworkings of pop songs and gimmicky theme tunes, there isn't really a lot that stands above the rest in this genre. the low bee forum is inundated with daily remixes, most of which are ultimately throwaway, unplayable tracks. so when there are actual artists out there, hearing great music is all the sweeter. DJ Blaqstarr's supastarr undoubtedly cries out to be heard again and again.

UNKLE's latest album war stories was quite a departure from their recent work - what with every UNKLE remix bordering on the minimal, this desert rock attempt was quite suprising. their live show was a raucous affair, and vocalist Gavin Clarke, despite looking like he'd rather be anywhere else, did a wonderful job on several tracks, broken being my favourite on the album. heaven (again featuring Clarke), a hold my hand b-side which will also feature on the forthcoming oddyssey in rome biography of abel ferrara is unkle's most gently beautiful track yet.

i'm not a massive fan of The Chemical Brothers, though they have undoubtedly made their mark over the course of their career. i don't even like do it again much, but i heard it sooooooo often at pukkelpop that it has to be mentioned. insanely catchy, so credit where credit is due.

i listened to the radio every day for four months this summer, and i heard an awful lot of bad music over and over and over again. there were, however, several songs which, no matter how many times i heard them, never got old or in any way annoying. so they have to be mentioned.

Róisín Murphy - Let Me Know
Timbaland - Way I Are (also worth checking out is Cousin Cole's Unwound Mix)
Justin Timberlake - LoveStoned
Robyn - With Every Heartbeat

ok that's it, no more lists. new music only. which is why right now i'm listening to purple rain................