Friday, August 29, 2008

twas the night before the picnic...

well the picnic is upon us, so off we head into a weekend of fun times. while last year's wasn't as enjoyable as that of 06, i go into this year's with little expectation, so i should have what can only be described as a deadly buzz.

played a very diverse set at sound check tonight - tried to keep it all picnic artists, but strayed a tad here and there. a few repetitions artist-wise, but quality is quality. i even managed to fit in some irish acts!

Conor Oberst - Souled Out
Wilco - A Shot In The Arm
Santogold - Lights Out
Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows
Tiga - You Gonna Want Me
Cut Copy - So Haunted
CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock)
Diplo - Gold Cassie
Chromeo - My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)
Kormac - Jubilee
Dark Meat - Success (Diplo's Unsuccessful Space Jam)
Jape - Floating
Lily Allen - Smile (XXXChange Remix)
The Roots - In The Music
Feist - Sealion (Chromeo Remix)
Santogold - Les Artistes (XXXChange Remix)
Para One - Midnight Swim

Sunday, August 24, 2008

saturday night....

went to lovebox today. had fun at nerd. didn't have fun after that. read here.

i started work on a post-pukkelpop mix this weekend. i've a thirteen minute preview online. will completely redo, but that's where my thoughts are right now. TUUUUUUUUUNES!

Friday, August 22, 2008

never as tired as when i'm blogging

i finished work yesterday. hurrah. i played soundcheck last night. not my best work, but some nice moments. sitwoc was a great idea in my head but i forgot how noisy it gets in the middle, and there was something bogus up with running up that hill - didn't sound good at all.

Feist - My Moon My Man
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream
Hot Chip - Lights And Music
Róisín Murphy - Overpowered
Santogold - Les Artistes (XXXChange Remix)
Pase Rock - So Fucking Disco
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix)
CSS - Let's Make Love (Spank Rock Remix)
DJ Mehdi - I Am Somebody
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang
Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Ruined By Justice)
Daft Punk - Da Funk
N*E*R*D - Things Are Getting Better
Spank Rock - Backyard Betty
Justice - DANCE
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Mustapha 3000 - Kongo Thong
M.I.A. - Jimmy (Eli Remix)
Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control (Playgroup Remix)
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Ashley Beedle Remix)

in other news, pukkelpop was great. not as good as last year (they never are!) but definitely worth it. looking forward to electric picnic, though, after reading my thoughts on last year's festival, i'm a bit anxious about sound - especially for conor oberst, cut copy and wilco. i guess i'll just have to wait and see...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i just spent a long time trawling through myspaces so i could write a decent preview for the acts playing on sunday at electric picnic. it's a little over a week away! wahey!

those that really stood out are Jah Wobble’s Chinese Dub, Leila, Michael Franti & Spearhead, School Of Language, Wolfgang Haffner and Yacht. it will definitely be an interesting weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

party people!!!

it's always nice to get a good mix to listen to on warm summer evenings. it's even better when the rain isn't at 78mm or whatever, but global warming is taking its course so there's nowt i can do... anyway, i'd never heard of Krudblog till a few moments ago, but now i have, as they have a curtis vodka mix up. it features the coldcut remix of paid in full, so it has to be good...

in other news, i'm heading to belgium for pukkelpop tomorrow, and i can't bleedin' wait. surkin followed by diplo followed by erol on friday will be nice. also looking forward to seeing lykke li quite a bit. what a lovely girl.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

plug plug plug...


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

another day another dj set...

all bank holiday mondays should be like this. in dublin's bernard shaw last night, carnie played funk and hip-hop. quigo played electropoprock. i played what i wanted and banny played tunes. for further details on what i played, see below. stuck on repeat is a crowd pleaser. and i for one could play a set entirely comprised of xxxchange remixes. no question.

Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music (Riton Remix)
Thom Yorke – The Eraser (XXXChange Remix)
Feist – Sealion (Chromeo Remix)
Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone Extended Club Mix)
Yello – Bostich
The Count & Sinden ft Kid Sister – Beeper (A-Trak Remix)
Sammy Bananas – All The Girls
Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
MGMT – Kids
Dirty Vegas – Days Go By
Spank Rock – Rick Rubin (President Evil Remix ft Pase Rock)
Kanye West – Flashing Lights (Diplo Remix)
Wiley – Wearing My Rolex
The Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 8
Bonde Do Rolê – James Bonde
Best Fwends – M.Y.S.E.L.F. (XXXChange Remix)
Fully Fitted – 100 Million