Tuesday, February 24, 2009

they hear the bass and they say whoa

just saw the tracklist for trizzy's fabriclive cd over on bodytonic. looks pretty insane. wow.

check out this vocal, put together by calum stuart from trizzy's essential mix. interesting, could come in handy as a random overlay.

A-Trak - Say Whoa (Calum Stuart's Robot Acapella DJ Tool)

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Monday, February 23, 2009

laziest post ever

i want to keep some semblance of effort here, even if it's just posting youtubes. sheer beauty follows.

also check out this youtube album - a user has gone through 23 idm tracks and reversed them. makes for interesting listening...

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Friday, February 20, 2009


low bee returns with, of all things, a britney remix. off key. what's up with that? damn. forthcoming work includes a track with spank rock and mia, as well as a remix of n.a.s.a.. they should be good. anyway i need to make some tunes of my own.

Britney Spears - Womanizer (Low Bee Remix)

incidentally, after watching so me's video for kid cudi i'm revisiting a kid named cudi, and i have to say wale definitely has the best voice right now.

Kid Cudi - A Kid Named Cudi (Produced by Plain Pat and Emile)

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mumdance interview

Mumdance is making some serious noise right now, with remixes of the likes of Santogold, Black Lips and Evil Nine. I got to speak to him ahead of his show with partner in crime Jammer in Dublin's Twisted Pepper tomorrow.

AH: Everyone asks about your name... Have you developed a crazy back story for it yet?

MD: Haha no, I used to try to give a different story each time, but now I have given up... But I guess since you asked... It references an old custom in some parts of Wales where before asking out a young lady, a male suitor would have to prove himself to the girl’s mother through the medium of dance. If the dance was complex enough & met the mother’s standards, they were allowed to go out on dates together without a chaperone.

AH: I think it works because it's short enough not to be too complicated, but it's such an odd juxtaposition that it's easy to remember.

MD: Thanks! I have a real love / hate relationship with it, but to be honest I think that if you are putting out good music, people will think you have a good name no matter how awful it is...

AH: How did you first start producing?

MD: Same way everyone did, by downloading cracked software off the internet (although there is only so many times it can crash & you lose all your work before you bite the bullet and buy the software for real).

AH: When did you first hook up with Jammer?

MD: I’ve known him for a few years now, he used to come play my parties when I was a promoter, it just progressed from there really, we started doing music together & playing little shows to work out what worked and what didn’t. Now we are touring all over Europe with what I believe to be a pretty unique slant on the music we are into

AH: Do you consider yourself a DJ, a producer, or both? Or just an artist?

MD: Man, its hard to answer this question without sounding like a dick! I’m more a producer than a DJ, but I love both equally, DJing is a lot more fun, but you gotta be in the studio making beats if you want to make it as a DJ... Ahhh I’m confusing myself now... I’m gonna go with artist.

AH: Being asked to be part of Top Ranking (definitely one of my records of 2008) must have been pretty special. Have you any plans to work with Diplo or any of the Mad Decent crew?

MD: Yeah I was so happy to be a part of that, I am a massive fan of Diplo & the Mad Decent family and they have helped me out a lot. I think once I have my EP finished they are going to have first refusal on it.

AH: Obviously the internet has helped you get your work noticed - have you had any negative experiences online?

MD: It’s all been good for me so far, everyone has been really nice, strange as some other producers get a load of shit off people on forums and that but maybe that only comes when you step up a few rungs of the ladder!!

AH: You've a healthy presence on internet forums - for example Erol Alkan's in the UK and Low Bee's in the US - with such forums being flooded by wannabe bedroom producers do you think some real gems get lost?

MD: I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you make a good track it will find its way. I was one of the wannabe bedroom producers a year ago!!! The first track that made any impact was my Black Lips bootleg which I just sent out to a few DJs through Myspace, literally like 10 people. A week later it was being played on Radio 1 and was on about 10 different music blogs and had had about 10,000 downloads. I think I was lucky, but at the same time, people DO pay attention, you just got to bring something good to the table.

AH: It almost seems that just in the last week Twitter has completely exploded, with Erol and Tiga joining, and people across the internet raving about Diplo and ?uestlove's Grammy reports. Do you think this will take the mystery and excitement out of the celebrity culture that's built up around DJs, or will it simply humanise them?

MD: I guess it just helps you keep in touch with the people you are interested in. not sure if it takes any mystery away or not. It disintermediates the stream of information and allows you communicate directly with the person you are following, which I guess helps you to see them for who they really are. Haha in fact since I started using Twitter there has been a few people in the public eye who I have totally changed my opinion about through how mundane or ignorant their twittering is.

AH: What do you think will be the sound of 2009?

MD: GLOBAL BASS is the sound I’m trying to champion. Bass driven dance music which takes influence from all types of regional music from around the world.

AH: Is there anyone out there who's really impressing you but that hasn't really received due attention?

MD: C Gritz, Badness & Tempa T are three Grime MCs who bring a STUPID amount of energy to the dance. Check them both out. Also Tomb Crew smack it each and every [time].

AH: You're playing Dublin's Twisted Pepper tomorrow - what should the crowd expect?

MD: Just whatever music I’m feeling like playing on the day. I don’t plan these things or restrict myself with genres or musical boundaries, I’m just gonna go in there and play a lot of different types of dance music in quick succession. All genres all tempos.

AH: What else is in the pipeline for Mumdance this year?

MD: I’m working on original material FINALLY. I feel I have found my feet production wise so I’m knocking remixes on the head for a bit & concentrating on myself. I have also been doing collaborations with Radioclit, Brodinski & High Rankin. We’ve been making some pretty exciting sounds so keep your ears open!!!

Mumdance - Global Bass Mix for Mad Decent (Tracklist)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


blogger took down my post which featured some 128kbps mp3s, none of which have come out in the last year. truly i am the scourge of the music industry. tut tut.

two things. first off check out crossfaded bacon for a blazing mix of outkast's back catalogue from bobby analog. awesome.

also, check out this car which i walk past every day. i finally took a picture of this awesome reg plate. woop woop!

this video doesn't want to be embedded...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

since lent is coming up...

this is interesting. obviously little alfie doesn't have enough music in his life...

in other news, my digital voice recorder is running low on battery, but for the past 24 hours it's been flashing "Lo" constantly. isn't that just wasting even more power?! ayo, i'm tired of using technology...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

zomg pt ii

last year i posted that daft punk had designed a tee for playboy. i kinda wanted it but didn't actually get it. this time i won't be so reticent. diplo's mad decent playboy tee is fiyah!!!!

ps röyksopp's is the one on the right...

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something that's good for me

i'm no producer, so i never post anything, but i regularly hit up the hollerboard for some fiyahh. just came across this seasonal mix - dude called dj mel aka mel cavaricci has put together some smooth as tracks for the special day coming up on saturday. check out... the motel mix...


R. Kelly - Sex Me
Jodeci - Forever My Lady
Whitehead Bros. - Your Love Is A 187
H-Town - Knockin' Da Boots
Silk - Freak Me
R. Kelly - Honey Love
Bar-Kays - Anticipation
Freddie Jackson - Rock Me Tonight
Bobby Brown - Roni
Johnny Gill - My, My, My
Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha
Atlantic Starr - Secret Lovers
Roger - I Wanna Be Your Man
Zapp - Computer Love
Isley Brothers - Between the Sheets
Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever
Jodeci - Come & Talk To Me (Bad Boy Remix)
SWV feat. Missy Elliott - Can We
Al B. Sure - Nite & Day
Eugene Wilde - Gotta Get You Home Tonight
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity (Warm & Sensitive Mix)

Mel Cav - The Motel Mix

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

when i dress real square it makes me cool!

ok so some dude on some forum somewhere posted something about spank rock performing some new tracks at philly's jang house. one of them was produced by drop the lime, and apparently it "goes from ghetto house to bassline to italo-style synth work and it fits." wow. well in the mean time here's a reminder of how good naeem can be.

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Interview with Rory Phillips and Alex Egan (Skull Juice)

Back in September Rory Phillips and Alex Egan of Skull Juice took to the stage in Dublin’s The Button Factory. Performing at Night Flight, a collaborative effort between some of Dublin’s best promoters (Shock, Space Camp, Downtown Sounds and The Winter Olympics), the two London DJs brought their own distinct styles to the night. I know it's a few months back, and there have been a number of reasons why this hasn't gone online until now. Better late than never I say...


I spoke to Shock’s Jon Averill about the two DJs. Having first heard him at the now defunct Trash, Jon felt that the music Rory was playing “was really in line with what I was trying to do at time.” Jon booked him for Backlash, his baby, and “even now he still fits in with the ethos of what I want to do at Shock so I'd still see him as a regular guest for us at the club, sort of like an international resident!” Skull Juice on the other hand, have less of a reputation, but he sees them as “musically kindred spirits.” While their profile is low at the moment, “I know they'll get a bigger following over here every time they play just because of the quality of the music they play.”

After ten years of riotous parties, Erol Alkan’s Trash night, at which Rory was resident, closed its doors in early 2007. In its wake grew Durrr, a Monday night event at London’s The End where Rory is the resident DJ. The ghosts of Trash still hang around, but the new night, which should not be seen as merely a replacement, has a lot to offer. “As far as the people who actually come to Durrr it’s really become its own thing and music wise it’s in its own place,” says Rory, who is delighted with the direction the night has taken. “It’s a lot dancier than Trash was, but at the same time there’s a distinct lack of good guitar bands you can dance to, so it’s more to do with the musical climate than any kind of direction change.”

[It should be noted that since this interview was written The End, home of Durrr, has closed. Durrr has not finished, however, but has become a nomadic night, with upcoming shows in Paris and Camden, as well as a taking part in Bugged Out!'s 15th birthday party this April.]

Always busy, Rory plays or has played at several other nights across the UK in recent times, among them Our Disco, which recently threw its last party – “one of the co-promoters of Our Disco, he was moving to Sweden” – and Say Yes, where he plays a mixed bag of disco house. Playing such a variety of styles might suggest a certain kind of schizophrenia, but sees in this a positive challenge “It’s almost like dogme DJing. It’s very easy in the current climate to be overly eclectic, it’s good to have some kind of focus in what you’re doing.”

When it comes to international DJing, he combines all of his different musical brains for what might be called his ‘tour hat.’ “The way that I tilt the hat, it kind of depends on where I’m playing, the crowd, things like that.” Being a resident DJ affords him the luxury of getting to know a crowd, but with one off sets it gets a little bit more complicated. “With a tour you really have to think on your feet. Just read the crowd and do your own thing.” In moments of dire necessity, he reaches for what he calls his JICDs, “the Just In Case Discs. Anyone who knows me knows that when they hear certain songs they know that I’m struggling.” Despite some pressing, he would not reveal what features on these discs. “That’d be telling, wouldn’t it?”


One of the most intriguing aspects of Rory’s character as a DJ is that he uses a telephone instead of standard headphones. While this may seem like a gimmick, it is simply the way he learned. “The first DJ I ever saw, when I was about 13 years old, he had a telephone headphone, I’m by no means the first person to do it.” Another DJ who uses a telephone is the mysterious Dr Lektroluv, who Rory has not yet seen play, so given the choice “I’d rather go head to head with Mark Moore.” As for the origins of the phone, he picked it up at a flea market in Birmingham, for use as a microphone while he was making “a lot of really bad experimental noise music.” After years of DJing and remixes and edits for artists such as Robyn, Gossip and Chromeo, he is returning to the studio (“basically a big white room with all my equipment that I’ve gathered over the years”) to make his own music. “I’m really enamoured by the idea of making music that sits together as an album, rather than eight 12” singles.” He cites the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Phil Spector and Joe Meek as influences, so it is clear that this is not simply music for banging out at 3am.

Egged on by Analogue writer Ailbhe Malone, my final question for Rory was about who he would remix given the choice: Sugababes or Girls Aloud. “Girls Aloud by a mile. If only for the chance to meet Nicola Roberts. I love her. She’s like a porcelain doll from the back of the innovations catalogue or something.”

Skull Juice are part of a new breed of DJs, DJs who are as comfortable talking about the music they play as they are playing it. Alex and Ben, who make up Skull Juice, first met at in school, where they “ended up just buying records and making noise in music tech.” having lost contact, they found each other again at art college and started DJing at house parties. “We couldn’t think of a name so we had people saying you need a name for the flyer. We just couldn’t think of anything and we just picked names out of a hat.”

As for their residency at London’s Sunday afternoon gig Blogger’s Delight, Casper C of the Fluokids saw their blog, knew that they DJed as well, and asked them to play. The first event was a low key affair, but when Casper started working at the Lock Tavern (now the home of Blogger’s Delight) things picked up again. “We had Justice at the first one.” A monthly occurrence, it kicks off on Sunday at three in the afternoon. “Early on it’s really mellow, like the DJs just sit down in the chair and play stuff that people can listen to stuff, and it kind of gradually picks up.”


The term blog house has come in for some criticism, itself a comment on the fact that the music that makes up the genre is disseminated through blogs and heard mostly through computer speakers. How does this impact on the event? “I can’t really take blog house seriously as a term. You’d have to ask Casper about that one. I think the name Blogger’s Delight, it doesn’t really mean anything anymore. We’ve been talking about altering the name but now people know it.” As for the music the duo play, they’re wilfully eclectic. “Ben started playing house and techno and deep house, and I was like IDM, and Warp [Alex then pointed to the Warp tee he was wearing at the time], DJ Shadow, moody stuff. We’re into a bit of everything really. If we’re playing a peak time slot we’ll play Justice, we still love them.” Playing on his own in Dublin, Alex kept it interesting. “I try and force myself to play awkward records.” When asked about his favourite blogs however, he was stumped. “It’s been so long since I’ve looked at a blog. 20 Jazz Funk Greats is my favourite, I’ll say that. That’s the one I always check first. The Love Fingers mp3 blog is good. I can’t even think of any.”

Jon Averill, Live at Night Flight, 5 September 2008
Rory Phillips, Live at Night Flight, 5 September 2008

Photography by Orla Graham

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Monday, February 09, 2009


say what you will about kanye's frullet, this is the business...

as you'll surely agree, this must easily have been the best thing about the grammys, i mean you can't argue with a pregnant m.i.a. sharing a stage with a besuited ye, jay, wayne and t.i. now can you. just look at t.i. throw off his jacket while wayne sits down on the stops. it's like he's screaming I'M SO GOOD I AIN'T GOTS TO STAND MUFUKKAZ!!!! again - damn.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

breakin' it up...

as mentioned previously, a mix of mine will be played on adam f's breakonomics show tonight. my mix, which features tracks from artists like 2562, rusko and mumdance (watch this space for an interview with the man), will be played alongside a 60 minute good groove records showcase mixed by featurecast. full details of that mix can be found here.

it all kicks off at 11pm on rté pulse. listen live or catch the podcast tomorrow.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

saturday night

just staying watching some doovdés with m'lady. i want to link a video of sam cooke's another saturday night but it's not forthcoming... someone in the pub today asked me what the best song ever was and i said a change is gonna come... but let's keep it chirpy!

Friday, February 06, 2009

credit crunchie...

it's friday, and i'm sitting here banging my head against a quark-shaped wall. fun times. i'm listening to some mixes by pablo clements, of unkle and the psychonauts. marvelous stuff - full of delightful gems, all 60s influenced indie-dream-pop. one such track is caribou's eli. i've tried to listen to caribou before, but he's just one of those dudes i don't get. this track, in the middle of a delightful barrage of happiness, is just the sort of thing i need on a dreary friday afternoon like this one. happy times. check out this video made by some randomer on youtube.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

here's another one...

another great interview today - this time xxxchange gets grilled by the fool's gold team. very interesting.

...up until a couple of years ago I wasn’t really thinking about making the remixes work on the dancefloor or anything, I was just trying to have fun and be creative, treating the remix more as if someone had asked me to produce that song in the first place, like “this is what I would have done!” Lately though I’ve been DJing a lot more and I just want to make bangers! All my principles went out the window!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ayres innaviews diplo

short but sweet. check it out on the brooklyn radio website. major point - major lazers finally due in may. right...

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absence makes the heart grow fonder...

since opening last autumn bodytonic's twisted pepper venture has attracted a huge number of big and upcoming names, so it's been almost painful reading their lineups, living as i do in the north of england. this season continues in a similar vein, and i'm more than a bit miffed that i'm missing some of these gigs.

this friday santogold's tour dj martelo is playing at mud, downstairs in the pepper. it's a bit of a disservice to refer to him solely as santi's dj, just like trizzy is more than yeezy's dj. but hey, it's all about context. dude did a mental eurostar remix of creator a few months back, which made its way into my first ever dubstep/ghettotech mix (unreleased).

as for his mixing skills, what better demonstration than his mix for the bodytonic podcast. racing through 130+ bpms, with tracks from the likes of boy 8-bit, buraka som sistema and dance area, it's sure to bring a smile to your face. anyway, make sure you check him out. nic james on the warm-up is always worth a watch too.

Santogold - Creator (Martelo's Eurostar Mix)

Bodytonic Podcast 028 : Martelo

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

back with a vengeance...

i haven't blogged in a while. there are a few reasons - i haven't been in the mood (personal reasons) and i simply haven't had the time. that's going to change - dammit i'll make time.

today i was going to blog about a-trak's new mix infinity +1 (april 14). it was mentioned on both his own and the fool's gold blogs, and i was typing up my thoughts when i was called away "on business" - newspaper debriefs, an interview with a clairvoyant, a talk from the Daily Telegraph's Mark Skipworth... so by the time i got back to a computer i figured it was already old news, in internet terms. well anyway, i've some thoughts on the matter. the tracklist features a few gems (trizzy's remix of sébastien tellier's kilometer, a new kid sis jam) and a few tracks i've never heard of. it looks like a straight up mix album, so not exactly on the same lines as dirty south dance. so who knows what it'll turn out like... that said when i saw read the collision of joakim's pocket piano remix and midnight juggernauts' shadows i heard the two slide seamlessly together in my head. that i dig. who knows what his fabriclive mix will turn out like (also april, says their site)?!

i did a mix for my friend dj adam f's show breakanomics which will be broadcast this sunday between 11pm and 1am. lots of other breaks-related goodies to watch out for too. to be honest i'm not that familiar with the breaks scene, beyond a few stanton warriors cds, so i decided to make a short dub/ghetto mix, with snatches of european and american scenes. and more. while i'm on the subject, the show has been nominated for a breakspoll award, so get over there and get votin'.

i'm twittering like mad these days, loving it a little bit too much i think...

picked up a load of new cds lately - diplo's comp (at last - must say i'm not happy about the 128kbps mp3s that come with), steinski's retrospective, that crazy in order to dance cd, an awesome mix from psycho pab, the unkle redux cd (of course!) and, at last, the blade runner triple soundtrack. having been busy and not well and whatnot i haven't had a chance to take everything in. so it's with great pleasure that i can say that this third disc, of music composed by vangelis for BR's 25th anniversary, is both warm and fuzzy.

having mentioned joakim earlier i feel it's only right that i mention his set, featured on the shock podcast. i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet (see above) but i imagine it's a banger.

Shock Podcast 020 - Joakim Live @ The Button Factory

finally check out some funky oddness from mr. devlin. it features my girls which, like every other blogger in the world, i absolutely ADORE..

Mr. Devlin - Bicicleta Mix

back soon with what will become regular features...

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