Monday, December 31, 2007

nye madness...

or lack thereof. no plans and it's already after 6. ho-hum... last week was fun, i didn't get to play all of the tracks i mentioned, but i did get to play a few i'd never heard out before, such as the cut copy track and the curtis vodka remix mentioned above, puzique - don't go (which very easily could have featured in the list below), the eli remix of mia's jimmy as well as his and grayson's remix of britney's gimme more. i didn't get to play any chromeo though, my bad.

anyway since it's the end of the year i thought i'd muse on my favourite tracks of the year. i'll start with the obvious: bonde do rolê made a huge impression on me, and though their album was far too short and even at that a bit patchy, there were of course some stand out tracks, the best of which was, no doubt, gasolina.

Bonde do Rolê - Gasolina

lcd soundsystem's sound of silver was undoubtedly album of the year, and i could pick any of its tracks as a standout. it's a tough one, but someone great has to rank as one of the most beautifully deceptive songs about loss and heartbreak ever written. it's synth lines dance about around each other while a wobbly bassline sits angrily beneath, while james sings painful lyrics about death and regret. hearing this live in tripod was undoubtedly a musical highlight of this year.

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great

everyone who even mentions wilco this year seems to cite impossible germany as sky blue sky's highlight, but since i first heard that at lollapalooza in 2006 i'm not going to go down that road. like a proper fanboy, i went to see them twice in vicar street, and both nights they were as impressive as i had expected. again, i could pick any of the songs from sky blue sky as a starting point for their return to their (emphasis on the country) roots, but i'm going to go with hate it here, another poignant song which deals with the loss of a loved one. in a way it seems like the cheesiest song they've ever recorded, but at the same time it exemplifies the ease with which the band can apply themselves to whatever style they choose.

Wilco - Hate It Here

a lot of attention has been paid to paper planes and $20, but for me the highlight of m.i.a.'s kala is the turn. a languidly eastern inflected jaunt, it serves as an almost delicate respite between the frenetic energy of the likes of world town and xr2, but never eases up on style or substance.

M.I.A. - The Turn

to be honest i was a bit disappointed by show your bones, the second album from yeah yeah yeahs. it seemed less raw and punkish, more geneeric indie rock. so rockers to swallow, the opening track from this year's is is ep, was a breath of fresh air. strange, then, that i first heard it in the middle of diplo's pitchfork mix back in august. maybe not - his remix of gold lion was one of the best of 2006....

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rockers To Swallow

devendra banhart can be a truly terrifying creature, singing about six nippled frogs and regaling interviewers with ideas of fruit goddesses, pyramids of bananas, and Antony (of Antony & the Johnsons) as a glowing oracle with black orchids coming out of his face. the man can sure write a tune though. sea side is another delicate piece, evoking feelings of yearning and passion.

Devendra Banhart - Sea Side

simian mobile disco put on a whopper live show - as good as any other dance act out there today. watch as their meteoric rise continues in 2008, and pray smd don't fall by the wayside in the same manner as simian. album and show opener sleep deprivation is a pounding introduction to these boys, and they were good enough to host a club friendly version on their website.

Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation (Club Version)

jens lekman is a charming fellow. he's not the best looking singer in the world, he has a bizarre dress sense, and even his vocals are a bit on the eccentric side. but these aspects add to his charm more than anything else. his songs, even when they are about breakups, are the most joyful compositions i've heard from anyone this century, and his lyrics are all the more delightful on account of his prosaic style - i was slicing up an avocado/when you came up behind me/with your silent brand new sneakers/your reflection i did not see. drab, mundane, hilarious.

Jens Lekman - Put Your Arms Around Me

i could have a separate list of remixes of the year, but one really stands out - boys noize's remix of feist's my moon my man. the song itself is sublime, but the remix must be commended as a thrilling example of what a remix can do. alex supplies his signature bassline and techy chords, as well as a robotic "my moon my man" sample which sounds great over any other track - perfect for djs - and allows feist's beautiful vocals to be heard in a wonderful new context.

Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)

track of the year: JUSTICE - PHANTOM

to be honest, when i first heard this, about this time last year, i didn't think much of it. even hearing erol play it in january didn't really do anything for me. then i gave it some time. and i started to like it. twelve months on and i could listen to it all day. i know justice have their detractors, but i really don't care. this is an unbelievable tune. go forth and enjoy.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

christmas time...

i'm playing crawdaddy tonight. kinda happened by accident more than anything else. oh well. gona try and play some, if not all, of these tunes: dre skull - i want you back, lil louis - video clash, dj blaqstarr - supastar, le knight club - soul bells, whomadewho - out the door (super discount remix), flufftronix - softee's theme, lcd soundsystem - sound of silver (curtis vodka remix), justin timberlake - d*ck in a box (dj busy remix)[since it's christmas!], cut copy - hearts on fire (joakim remix), and, of course, bonde do rolê/radioclit - divine gosa. pop along. say hi. dance. be merry. etc.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

melo do no mo...

first pitchfork finally get on this piece of news, several weeks after it happened might i add, and now myspace says it all: marina has left bonde do rolê. maybe it's for the best though...

hello there,

we're getting a lot of messages to know what's going on with us... some of the emails are really nice, some others are angry/disapointed (and we totally agree with you guys!) and some others are just spam, as usual.
we just thought it'd be nice to hear from us what's really going on... and here it goes:
due to several internal problems between us, we had to cancel a lot of our shows from the European tour and we also had to cancel the scheduled australian tour (everyone knew how excited we were about it!), for that we're really really sorry.
and we also anounce that marina is no longer with us, due to these internal problems. we wish her all the best in whatever she decides to do with her future and that she can always count on us as friends.
we are working these issues right now as we speak and we hope we can make it up to everyone who we let down this year, in the most awesome way we can!

thanks everyone for reading and stay tuned for the next chapters!

dj gorky and pedro.

have the track pitchfork posted...

Bonde do Rolê - Montagem Do Cabra

<3 Marina

Sunday, December 09, 2007

this is a really long post.

it's been pointed out that i haven't posted anything lately... oh well. i decided to have a listen to jay-z's reasonable doubt for the first time in a long while recently, mainly because i was playing a lot of cadence weapon (in advance of an interview that never happened) and the line "i got one love for 22 two's" made me go back and remind myself why i used to love it so much. of all the tracks there one stood out, mainly because i'd never paid it proper attention: cashmere thoughts.

I talk jewels and spit diamonds, all cherry
like a hymen, when I'm rhymin with remarkable timin
Caviar and silk dreams, my voice is linen
Spittin venom up in the, minds of young women
Mink thoughts to think thoughts type similar
Might you remember, my sh!t is col-l-l-ld like December
Smoother than Persian rugs, the cashmere
chromosomes make a n!gga Jigga Jay-Z lethal drugs
Eighteen carat gold pen, when it hits the sheets
Words worth a million like I'm rappin em through platinum teeth
I got the Grey Poupon, you been warned
Cause all beef return well done filet mignon
The Don, smell of Dom on my breath as I
yawn, (slow) when you hoes try to con a pro
As if you didn't know, Jay's about gettin dough
Spittin flow like fine wines down your earlobe
I'm smooth but deadly like a pearl handled pistol
Honies hum in melody when I, rub it like crystal...

so, funny that when i chatted to a-trak at sinden last week and mentioned jay-z (i remember him playing that track with the "open up the blazer" line with mehdi a few weeks back) and said i'd been listening to reasonable doubt, the one track he mentioned was cashmere thoughts. class.

in other news, i saw duran duran last week. bought tickets as a birthday present for my girlfriend, but i was actually interested in seeing what they'd be like. i remember reading an interview with seb fontaine in ministry magazine back in 2000, where he said that as a kid at parties himself and his mates would hog the tape player to make sure the girls didn't play duran duran, but that if he played girls on film now (then?) in a club it would sound great. then in 2003 i was introduced to erol alkan by way of a free mix cd which featured, of course, the night version of that very song. how hip and cool...

finally, i realise i said "hot cool" two posts down. apologies...

Jay-Z - Cashmere Thoughts
Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Night Version)
Erol Alkan Presents One Louder