Wednesday, December 31, 2008

see you next year...

so it's the end of 2008. cue boring list of stuff from this year...


aeroplane, for some amazing remixes (esp paris and now 'til 69)
kid sister, for generally being amazing, but also for family reunion and wtf
pase rock, also for wtf, but then for get money kids, so f*cking disco, that roll it remix and his hilarious appearance on east village radio in august
the whole fully fitted crew, for keeping things funky and entertaining - esp xxxchange and eli
a-trak, for being the most talkative interviewee i've had in my short career thus far, for his beeper remix, for running man, for playing shake it down into white knight two, for his better-than-serial-blogger blogs
diplo (as always) for being diplo

these are my favourite gigs and shows this year

Ewan Pearson @ Shock, Crawdaddy
Apparat @ Pogo Live, Crawdaddy
Edan, The Tivoli
Busy P & DJ Mehdi @ Transmission, The Button Factory
NERD @ Lovebox, Marlay Park
A-Trak @ Electric Picnic
Hercules and Love Affair @ Electric Picnic
Portishead @ Primavera
El Guincho @ Primavera
DJ Assault & DJ Funk @ Primavera
Lightspeed Champion @ Primavera
Para One @ Primavera
Girl Talk @ Pukkelpop
Hot Chip @ Pukkelpop
Lykke Li @ Pukkelpop @ Pukkelpop
Róisín Murphy @ Pukkelpop
Santogold @ Pukkelpop
Erol/Diplo/Switch @ Warehouse Project

and here's a wee map i made of all the gigs i went to! the internet is fun!

View Larger Map

see ya next year for some home made mixes and stuff. now to go sleep or something.

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Friday, December 05, 2008


more emynd-related badness. so some of his stuff has been a little over my head, but this is like whoa. you know that song reach out? four tops? yeah you do. well here it is, b-more-fied. and it works like hell. oh yeah. the blog and emynd's words on it are here, but here's a link yo. also an old mad decent podcast from e.

Emynd - Reach Out

Mad Decent Worldwide Radio 30: Emynd - Bounce It (Words)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

real talk

so pase rock finally released get money kids/so f*cking disco today. these two tracks have been floating around for some time, so it's nice that they're finally properly officially out there. it's got remixes from xxxchange and, a man who's only recently come to my attention, emynd. the latter is pretty much a dj tool, taking the "get money ge-ge-get money" line from gmk, while xxxchange slows down so f*cking disco so it's just that. so. f*cking. disco. it's in the same vein as his eraser remix, which is sweet because i like to play that alongside the original sfd and chromeo's feist remix.

anyway. in other other news, nick catchdubs posted a super sweet treasure fingers remix of meddle by little boots over here. fool's gold are on fiyaaaah!

and finally, i didn't win these shoes, like i'd hoped...

silly thing

i had to put together a short clip for class, so i decided to make a slideshow of me wearing some cool tee-shirts in such cool places as dublin, belgium and barcelona. check it out.