Monday, September 10, 2007

headf*ck time...

wow. i listened to fabric 36 today with a limited knowledge of ricardo villalobos, other than that he's a friend of richie hawtin's and that fizheuer zieheuer is a sprawling, majestic masterpiece. so listening away i found myself lulled into a false sense of security, thinking i was still on track one when i was actually half way through track three - minimal isn't exactly what i know best. all of a sudden, i'm blasted with the most unexpected break of tribal drums in all my years of musical appreciation. i would have posted the track if these rocks pop hadn't beaten me to it. Andruic & Japan is possibly the most mind-shatteringly brilliant track i've heard all year. it reminds me of the time i was in tower records in dublin and, as i heard a pulsating rhythm of tribal drums upstairs, the prodigy's voodoo people was playing downstairs, and the two seemed to overlap perfectly, creating a delightfully organic fusion of electronica and ethnic folk. Andruic & Japan offsets fidgety electronic beats and vocals with throbbing tribal rhythms, the two clashing in time signature but ultimately dancing together in a twisted collage of beats and harmony. i know that if i heard this in a club instead of through headphones, walking through town, my head would be absolutely torn apart. let it happen to you...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

festie season is over, long live festies

i couldn't settle on just a few tracks to put up to translate my festival experience so i decided to make a playlist/album (dodgy link, will be replaced later). i won't go into too much detail, the tracks should really speak for themselves. they're mainly low bitrates, just so you know.

jamie lidell - a little bit more
dj mehdi ft chromeo - i am somebody (paris version)
boys noize - & down
simian mobile disco - sleep deprivation
klaxons - gravity's rainbow (van she remix)(played by gildas & masaya)
dizzee rascal - p*ssyole (oldskool)
bonde do role - geremia
mstrkrft - work on you (para one remix)
lcd soundsystem - tribulations
justice - phantom pt. ii
thomas bangalter - spinal scratch (played by erol alkan)
trentemøller - moan (vocal)
unkle - broken
m.i.a. - paper planes

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

summer is over, festivals are over...

right. well i can't really be bothered with giving full reports of two three day festivals so this will be slightly condensed. i almost can't really remember pukkelpop in great detail, and electric picnic is too fresh in my memory. either way.....

pukkelpop first. bonde do role were their usual selves, setting the tone for three days of energetic madness. the sound was impeccable, the crowd was just the ride side of bouncy and pedro even noticed my t shirt. thumbs up. sebastiAn wasn't as bad a dj as i expected, but he wasn't exactly what one would call innovative. likewise gildas & masaya, who played a surprisingly safe set for the guys who run a label as good as Kitsuné. the go! team were just like bonde do role, perfect festival material. boys noize absolutely rocked the place, and tiga was far from a party dj (in the best possible way). basement jaxx did their thing, and much fun was had.

uffie can't rap live, she just doesn't have the breath control, but feadz can play anywhere, anytime. full of skillz. mstrkrft were seriously rockin, and james holden really shocked the raver kids who stared at him with confused looks on their faces before wandering out of the boiler. unkle were far better than expected, even if they played nothing pre-never, never, land. jazzy jeff played a cheesily brilliant party set while arcade fire were marred by bad sound. the best response they got was when the speakers on the right hand side of the stage were switched on half way through laika. smashing pumpkins owe me an hour and a half of my life back.

booka shade make a lot more sense at 4pm than at 4am. trentemøller played one of the best sets i've ever seen. justice made me sweat more than i ever have in my life. erol alkan kept me dancing. all in all the music at pukkelpop was fantastic. the organisation was superb (even if belgians do seem to enjoy sitting and waiting more than the music itself) and i would definitely consider returning.

at electric picnic, modest mouse were marred (geddit?!) by awful sound - probably the most upset i've been at any gig, ever. lcd soundsystem were rockin, and it was nice to see them play new york i love you. marlena shaw was wonderful to see early on saturday afternoon, annie mac was much better than i expected, bonde do role did their thing beautifully (every show is the same yet different), mia was great in the face of more bad sound, architecture in helsinki were lost in what was undoubtedly the worst stage at the event, jamie lidell blew my mind, simian mobile disco played a blistering set that was awesome from start to finish, beastie boys mixed tracks old and new and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, while the chemical brothers gave a best of with a light show that was impressive but ultimately uninspiring. dj mehdi played what one would expect of an ed banger dj only better than any other ed banger dj, and seemed to enjoy himself more than anyone else on the planet, unkle were even better than before, i saw lonely soul but missed rabbit in your headlights, skream was a whole lot of bass, and derrick may was far bouncier than i expected. ultimately ep was destroyed by lots and lots of bad sound, but i imagine it was still better than oxegen. placed beside the quality of pukkelpop i'm seriously beginning to rethink the whole irish festival business. i'll put up some links to highlight my highlights later in the week.